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Penn Medicine Information Services OfficesPhiladelphia, PA, United States

Sashimi, Three Courses

Saturday, October 2, 2010, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Penn Medicine Information Services Offices, 3620 Hamilton Walk; Suite 410 Anat/Chem, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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You have an idea for a product, but you're not sure how to explain it to programmers, or you've tried, and they just don't get it. We can help you.

Your marketing or sales department has sold vaporware to their customers, and you have to figure out how to deliver software that will delight them. We can help you.

You're responsible for a project that was late before it started, and you have to ship something of value or the hammer's going to come down. We can help you!

We can help you turn a nebulous product idea into a plan with some chance of success; or we can help you ship the most for the least from your already-way-too-big scope of work. Either way, it boils down to this: you will learn how to slice a product thinly.

We don't know about you, but the very idea makes us hungry. For sashimi. That's why we named this workshop the way we did. In a single day, we present to you a three-course menu of sashimi-inspired techniques.

First course. Essential feature areas: which major areas of the system are essential to delivering a complete, coherent product?

Second course. Concrete features: which specific features are most likely to get people to buy and use your product?

Third course. Executable examples: how can you describe each feature in a way that best helps programmers understand what to build?

Join J. B. Rainsberger and Bonnie Aumann and learn three key techniques to help you deliver high value for low cost and turn your product vision into reality soon.

We are offering this beta version of our workshop once, perhaps twice, at a drastically reduced price. Help us test and improve the workshop and get the best value possible for your time and money.

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